Autism Consultancy

Anita has over 25 years' experience  working with children, adolescents, families, schools and support teams.

Having worked as an Autism Consultant, Autism Advisor and Special Education leader in both the public and private sectors, Anita brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her consultative and therapeutic work.

Anita is a member of the Positive Partnerships National Delivery Team, providing professional learning and parent/carer workshops in evidence-based and best practice autism theory and practice.

Anita has trained under both national and international leaders in the autism field, including Dr Tony Attwood & Michelle Garnett, Michelle Garcier Winner and Leah Kuypers. Anita is trained and experienced in delivering Social Thinking CurriculumTM and Zones of RegulationTM programs.

Anita has led regional and statewide teams in promoting inclusive education and with a specific focus on autism, building capacity in schools to create sustainable autism friendly cultures, classrooms and environments. Anita teaches and promotes evidence-based and best-practice strategies for teaching and supporting children with autism.

Our practice offers individual therapy and psychoeducation for:

  • understanding the diagnostic process
  • managing family stress
  • implementing recommendations from assessments and diagnostic reports
  • navigating access to allied health and therapy services
  • social and emotional learning and skill development
  • building independence and resilience
  • managing sensory challenges
  • managing difficult behaviour
  • addressing school-based challenges
  • planning for learning

We offer group work for :

  • social and emotional learning and skill development
  • social learning and development
  • emotional and sensory regulation
  • family support

Professional Learning and Workshops:

  • autism theory and best practice strategies and supports
  • emotion regulation
  • positive behaviour support
  • mental health and wellbeing

Anita works with self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants.

Please contact Anita for further information and/or to register your interest in group work and workshops.